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Welcome to #Digitalists!

Fri Mar 1, 2013, 4:22 PM

Our mission

Digitalists Is your headquarters for every Digital Art related article and a source of information, education and resources regarding the genre. Here you will find everything  from Daily Deviations, Project Educate articles, Monthly Newsletters, Art Features and more. Here you'll get informed of every gallery change, volunteer update, contests, activities, chat events, etc. All related to Digital Art.

Our gallery

Is currently dedicated to collect the Digital Art Daily Deviations and other truly outstanding Digital Art pieces selected by our staff. It is not open for submissions from the community. We're sorry for this inconvenience, but we invite you to submit your artwork to other Digital Art groups.

Promoting your art through our favourites

The Featured folder is open for every member of the group to submit up to 2 deviations per week. This is for you to focus on quality over quantity, we want you to share your very best pieces, so choose wisely! Every once in a while, we'll choose some of our favourite deviations and will feature them in our journal! Every digital art category is accepted.

Want to contribute?

We are currently looking for contributors,  if you feel interested send us a note explaining what would you want to help with.

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:

Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds
and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is liransz


Liran is a digital illustrator who currently resides in Barcelona Spain with her husband and dog and considers herself lucky to be able to do what she loves for a living. Although her education was in Graphic Design, a few years ago she discovered digital painting. She then decided to fully dedicate her time to illustration, oriented towards Dark Art and Surrealism Pop. With over 10 years experience, she has worked as a Game Artist (HUD / GUI, Conceptual Art) and as a freelance artist in publishing (children’s books, newspaper) and advertising. She also served as an administrator at the international art collective Hysterical Minds, as well as the artistic project SugarFlesh.

Did you go to college for art and design? If so, what did you study? 

Hello there! First of all thank you for this opportunity. Yes, i did Fine Arts for 3 years and then Technical Design and Graphic Design. 

Dream (Full free tutorial) by liransz

Your art is so lovely and I love the incorporation of dark elements in your work. Tell us, where do you find your inspiration?

Thank you! Almost everywhere...My main source of ideas are my own feelings and experiences, but music and other artists amazing artworks do the work too. Places like Deviantart, tumblr etc.. are great for finding inspiration!

Everything dies by liransz

What is your favorite piece of artwork from your gallery and why?

I don´t really have a favorite. Some works I have affection for because of one reason and other works by another. Maybe because it was a challenge in terms of rendering or composition, or maybe because it has a very personal story to tell. For example this artwork, has some of those things:

The face of all your fears by liransz

As a professional digital artist, what advice can you give to those 
who are trying to become successful in the business?

That’s a real hard one. The most important would be: NEVER GIVE UP and NEVER SETTLE. Get out of your comfort zone, push it a little further and eventually, make Art your complete lifestyle.

They wait for you to die by liransz

There are a lot of people in the community who think receiving a Daily Deviation 
is essential for achieving popularity on DeviantART. From experience, 
how much would you say getting awarded Daily Deviations has 
impacted your success on this site? 

Well, its always nice and flattering to wake up one morning and find out that thousands of people are looking at your work and showing so much love. Of course, it is important for getting new Watchers, which otherwise would have been very difficult to reach, because when I upload an artwork, it is like adding a grain of sand in the desert, that is, there are too many great artists out there and it's great to be exposed to a larger audience. From there, to keep some of the attention gained much depends on the gallery as well as your relationships with the your watchers.

Sow His Wild Oats by liransz

Name three influential artists on DeviantART whose works 
inspire you and tell us why you look up to them.
I love Martin´s renderings and the amount of detail in his work, especially, when he does surreal paintings. He is also my partner in a graphic adventure we call Sugarflesh ( )

Parthenogenesis by AlMaNeGrA  Gigernoch by AlMaNeGrA  Fangy monster by AlMaNeGrA

The reason I wanted to try digital illustration in the first place! I fell in love with Serge´s 
artworks and the way he masters the renderings.

Corpus Delicti - Artbook cover - by PapaNinja  VAN DE CRAMPS by PapaNinja  Monica by PapaNinja

Impossible not to name Shingo...he is the king of dark and cute illustration!

f-007 by shichigoro756  a-un by shichigoro756  pango by shichigoro756

Angst by liransz

Thank you liransz for sharing your wisdom and experience with the community! 
Join us next week for another installment where we will be interviewing


More Journal Entries

What is your favourite Digital style? 

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