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What is your first memory involving Digital Art? 

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Hello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:

Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds
and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is JRCoffronIII


James R. Coffron is a digital illustrator and concept artist from California. He paints a variety of themes, but primarily focuses on dark, creepy and/or scary subject matter. He has been drawing his entire life and has been painting digitally for the past few years. 

When did you first discover your passion for art?

I first discovered my passion when I was about 4 I think. I would see other kids scribbling in coloring books and I would ask myself why? I saw the older kids doing it just fine, so I figured I wanted to do it like them, only better. I started out drawing Garfield of all things, then moved onto monsters when I was 8 or 9. The rest is history!

Fair Trade by JRCoffronIII

Where do you find inspiration when creating your dark universe?

Inspiration is a tough one for me, I am kind of a hermit to most media. I choose to be this way because I really try not to be influenced by other artists. I do enjoy other peoples art when I see it, but I don't really "follow" them. I am quite impressed with movies like "Avatar" and "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", as these movies represent the level of polish and world building I would like to incorporate in the world I am creating, so I suppose they inspire me.

Blood Hunter by JRCoffronIII

What are your favorite creatures to paint and why?

I like to paint creatures that seem believable enough so the viewer could imagine how they move, and wonder about their story. Lately I have been trying to tell more of a story with my images. For me, wonder and fear are the ways I like to try and grab my viewer.

Wrong Turn by JRCoffronIII

As a professional digital artist, what advice can you give to those who are trying to become successful in the business?

Keep your eye on the prize! Work hard! Don't try to emulate other artists, you will never paint like them. The most known artist's work in the industry doesn't really look like anyone else's work. They made their own journey and you should too if you want to really stand out in the crowd. Finding a job will come along the way.

Skull and Crow by JRCoffronIII

There are a lot of people in the community who think receiving a Daily Deviation 
is essential for achieving popularity on DeviantART. From experience, 
how much would you say getting awarded Daily Deviations has 
impacted your success on this site? 

Daily Deviations are definitely a great way to harbor attention from a large audience. Since my last DD my views per day have jumped quite dramatically as well as my fan base.

Rider by JRCoffronIII

Name three influential artists on DeviantART whose works 
inspire you and tell us why you look up to them.

Like I said earlier, I don't really follow other artists. However I do appreciate the work ethic for all artists in the online community that are pushing daily to achieve their own goals in the art world, big and small.

Roller Demon by JRCoffronIII

Thank you JRCoffronIII for sharing your wisdom and experience with the community! 
Join us next week for another installment where we will be interviewing


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