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Countdown to Monthly Challenge Countdown

Saturday, February 28th @ 9:00pm

This is the official Digitalists Monthly Challenge Countdown!

Join us and participate in the challenges for your chance to win premiums and :points:!

:pointr::pointr::pointr: February Monthly Challenge: Dark :pointl::pointl::pointl:

February Monthly Challenge: Dark

Sun Feb 1, 2015, 10:48 AM
The way our challenges work is each month members will be asked to create a new art piece based on the theme chosen by Digitalists admin. The themed art work must be submitted by the deadline to the corresponding challenge folder via the group favourites. Once the deadline has approached the admins of Digitalists will announce the winner who will receive a 3 Month Premium or 636 Points and feature all of the participants from the month!

There is a countdown ticker on the group front-page so everyone will know exactly how much time is left to submit their art. The folder for the new month's challenge is located in the group's favourites. You can find it here: February Monthly Challenge Folder

 February Monthly Challenge: Dark

Bullet; Blue The theme for January is: Dark (let your imagination go wild!)
Bullet; Blue One entry per person.
Bullet; Blue The entry must be a new piece of art based on the monthly theme.
Bullet; Blue We ONLY accept Digital entries! Meaning, you can create your art using ANY medium (ie: vector, vexel, animation, fractal, etc., etc.) as long as it is digitally created! ALL none digital entries will be declined!
Bullet; Blue All entries must have a remark in the deviation's artist description that the art piece was created for the Digitalists monthly challenge to be accepted (you can leave a link/thumb of this journal if it is easier).
Bullet; Blue The entry must be submitted to this folder: February Monthly Challenge Folder by the deadline.
Bullet; Blue Deadline: Point Right Point Right Point Right February 28, 2015 @ 11:00PM PST Point Left Point Left Point Left 

    Note You can track each month's challenge deadline via the group's front-page countdown!

    Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and don't worry we will still have our regular chat events for even more chances to win premiums and Points

    So, now it is up to you the members of Digitalists to submit your entries to us! We look forward to seeing all the amazing art you come up with! Oh, and remember the point of the challenge is to have fun!

    Note If you have questions or concerns please comment on this journal.


Hello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:

Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds
and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is Syntetyc



Roberto Nieto is a digital artist from Barcelona, Spain. Currently, his professional dedication is for graphic design, interfaces, apps, websites...combined with the illustrations that you can see on DeviantArt and his website ( They are basically personal works, though occasionally, he will also take commissions.

He explains that the illustration of nature/landscape is his way to "escape from the encapsulated world of graphic design which is much more rigid and marked with much more rules." Though he loves graphic design, he is able to relax more with illustration. "I dream with my own worlds, my mountains, my mystical characters...  with illustration I can go far away from those clients of the every day, who only know to be contrary to the designer."

 When did you first discover your passion for art? 

I'm not sure exactly, but since I was a child I liked to paint and draw. Recently, I found in my parents house, a lot of notebooks from when I went to school with a lot of old drawings. Whenever I had free time I always dedicated it to painting and drawing. When I had the opportunity to study graphic design and art direction, I discovered a lot of new techniques, traditionals and digitals, and this experience prompted me to dedicate my life to art and design.

Ancient Spirit by Syntetyc

You say "The main protagonist of my illustrations is the majesty of nature." 
How did you develop this passion?

Since I was a child, my family and I always went on holidays to the mountains. I think that my passion for nature and mountains comes from these moments. Even today, I continue going to the mountains on my holidays or when I have some free days. The majesty of the mountains always impressed me, and I always search for the perfect way to represent this majesty in my illustrations. It brings me tranquility, and brings to my mind many fond memories.

The Rock of Souls by Syntetyc

I see you are a fan of Miyazaki. Which Studio Ghibli film is your favorite?

 It's difficult to answer that because I have more than one. If I have to say one, my favourite is "Laputa, The Castle in the Sky". I love the atmosphere and the technologic touch mixed with nature. However, my favourite character from Ghibli world is Totoro. I love his mistery.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky by Syntetyc

Besides art, what else are you passionate about in life? 

Art and design are much more than a job, they are a lifestyle. However, in my life there are other things, like going to the mountains whenever I can with my girlfriend and my dog to relax and enjoy time outdoors. Also, we love scifi and fantasy, and we can spend a whole sunday in our home watching movies or serials about these themes. Video games are also a big hobby in my life.

The Storm by Syntetyc

Can you tell us one interesting fact about yourself that we don't know?

I’m very bad with characters and body parts. Maybe because, personally, I don't have interest in this area. I’m totally focused on backgrounds and environments. I don't know if someday I will start to practice with character design, as it is an area that I dont know well. I still have much to learn yet.

Kingdom of the clouds by Syntetyc

Name three influential artists on DeviantART whose works 
inspire you and tell us why you look up to them.


Andreas Rocha has been one of my inspirations since I started to illustrate landscapes.
I learned a lot studying his illustrations, and he is especially good with natural environments.

First Contact II by andreasrocha  Deep in the Woods by andreasrocha  The Last Fortress by andreasrocha


I have followed his work since I started to study, and i have always been fascinated by his
landscapes. His ability to represent natural environments and futuristic landscapes, and his
colour techniques. I think that he is a master.

Wind Up Girl by Raphael-Lacoste  in the Petra Ruins... by Raphael-Lacoste  Snowy plain at night... by Raphael-Lacoste


Thanks to his tutorials I have improved a lot my technique and style skills.
He has a very clean technique. I especially admire his use of colour and illumination.

Aegik background tile 7 by TylerEdlinArt  The wave existence tutorial by TylerEdlinArt  Castle Tower Private commission by TylerEdlinArt

Totoro's Paradise by Syntetyc

Thank you Syntetyc for sharing your wisdom and experience with the community! 
Join us next week for another installment where we will be interviewing


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The Digital Art Volunteer Team

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Who is your favorite fantasy artist here on DA? 

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